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PDFill PDF Filler: Insert PDF  Page like Image to Overlay

(See Example PDF and Example PDFill Project File  )

You can use this tool to insert a selected PDF Page into PDF document anywhere. You can add Rotation, Frame Lines, Whiteout (fill color or background) and PDF Action into this PDF Page object.

This PDF Overlay function lets you easily insert a new PDF Page with a company logo or other fixed item to every page of PDF files you create.

It also lets you place artwork or other fixed items onto just the first page of your PDF files, together with items that change from file to file.

1. Steps on how to insert PDF Page into Current PDF Document:

or check Image Or PDF Page button to insert a new PDF Page from the Format Toolbar.

2. Access the properties:

3. Set the properties:

Here is the list of the properties.

Page Number The selected page number
Open it Display the PDF Page in the default viewer
Original Width/Height The size of the selected PDF Page
Position (Left, Right, Width, Height) The X and Y coordinate of the box to define the position of the inserted PDF Page.
Scale Width The percentage of actual PDF Page width inside PDF to the original PDF Page width
Scale Height The percentage of actual PDF Page height inside PDF to the original PDF Page height
Lock aspect ratio The ratio of width and height will be kept as you change the size of the inserted PDF Page.
Relative to Original Size The original width and height will be used.
Rotate The rotation degree from 3 clock relative to the inserted PDF Page center.

It will show on the Foreground or Background of the PDF document.

Action: Add Link, Submit, JavaScript and more ... See PDF Actions
Frame Line (pt) The thickness of the frame line around the inserted PDF Page.
Line Color The color for the frame line.
Line Dashed There are 8 Dashed Styles: Solid, Round Dot, Square Dot, Dash, Dash Dot, Long Dash, Long Dash Dot, Long Dash Dot Dot
Whiteout (Fill Color) The background color of the frame, If set, it will be opaque. It can be used to cover the original text.

4. Screenshot:

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